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Parmigiani Logo Design History and Evolution

Parmigiani Logo

Michel Parmigiani had reworked antique watches since the 1970s, so he decided to found his own luxury watch brand in 1996. Parmigiani watches are known for being very rare and exclusive. They are hand-made from precious metals and gemstone, and only a few thousand Parmigiani watches are produced each year. Parmigiani’s unique logo further enhances the brand’s reputation for rarity and luxury. The primary Parmigiani logo is not always used on Parmigiani products because its versatile design allows the company to use different design elements in different situations. Keep reading to discover more about this unusual logo’s history.

Parmigiani Logo Design Elements

Parmigiani is somewhat unusual among watch companies because their official logo is not commonly used on products. Parmigiani typically uses the emblem portion of the logo on watch parts, and the wordmark portion of the logo shows up in advertisements and packaging. The complete version of the logo features the brand name, “Parmigiani” in black, capitalized letters that use a classic Roman font with serifs. Beneath the brand name is the phrase “Haute Horlogerie Authentique,” written in much smaller letters.

This wordmark is set on top of an oval outline that contains a “P” in large font and an “F” in smaller font. The PF emblem is a muted golden shade that references the luxurious production of the Parmigiani watches. This emblem color is carefully chosen to stand out on the white logo background without being so dark that it blends in with the black wordmark.

Changes and Evolution


1. Shape

Parmigiani’s logo has undergone quite a few changes in the relatively short lifespan of the brand. Some variants display the emblem above the wordmark, while others get rid of the PF oval altogether. The logo also occasionally replaces the brand’s motto with “Fleurier,” which is the city Parmigiani was founded in.

2. Color

Regardless of what shape it takes, the logo uses a combination of gold, grey, and black lettering to create an elegant impression. Older versions of the logo tended to use more color, while the more modern versions of the logo tend to just be black or gold. Logo colors have also altered between flat coloring and carefully shaded coloring that makes the logo look three dimensional or metallic. The majority of the Parmigiani logo variants use a white background.

3. Font

All variants on the Parmigiani logo are united by the consistent font use. Since the brand’s creation. Parmigiani has used classic serif fonts in a Roman style. This type of font helps to make the brand look more elegant.


Much of the inspiration behind Parmigiani’s logo is a desire to convey luxury, classiness, and elegance. The company intentionally chose a more traditional font that makes them look respectable even though they are much younger than other watch brands. A brand motto that means “authentic, high-quality watchmaking” in French helps to increase the feeling of luxury. The logo’s colors are also designed to highlight the expensive materials used by Parmigiani. Black conveys a feeling of durability and class, while gold references the wealth and richness of Parmigiani watches.



Since Parmigiani is a relatively new brand, they made the smart decision to go with a logo that conveys tradition and wealth. The Parmigiani logo looks stylish and extravagant, just like the watches designed by Parmigiani. It can easily be divided into separate design components, so Parmigiani can use the logo in situations where they only want to display text or images. This versatile and elegant logo is an ideal representation of Parmigiani.

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