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Breitling Logo Design History and Evolution

breitling logo in gold square

In 1884, Leon Breitling founded the Breitling SA company with the goal of creating accurate yet elegant timepieces. All Breitling models get fitted with certified chronometers that keep extremely accurate time in all circumstances. Both pilots and divers regularly choose the precision-made watches. In addition, the brand is famous for making watches that astronauts wear in space. The Breitling logo references this proud history through a stylish and straightforward design.

You can learn all about the fascinating history and design in this article.

Breitling Logo Design Elements

The Breitling logo appears simple at first glance, but it actually includes many interesting design elements. It most commonly appears as a black design on a white background. However, in some cases, the logo may have the golden yellow background that is Breitling’s signature color. At the bottom of the logo, one can see the date 1884 that refers to the brand’s founding year.

Above the year is the word “Breitling” which, written in a capitalized font with thick lines and small serifs. The logo also consists a lovely image that refers to Breitling history. It contains an anchor with a wing on either side. Instead of crossbars and a rope, a cursive “B” twines around the top of the anchor. The Breitling image is slightly higher than the brand name beneath it, but it is not as wide as the Breitling line.

Changes and Evolution

1. Shape

The first Breitling logo was just the company’s name written in an elaborate script. In the mid-1900s, this was modernized slightly to appear as a script B over the word “Breitling” written in a simpler font. The wings and anchor logo become part of the design a few decades later.At this time, Breitling chose to make a more elaborate logo that provided additional information on their company.

2. Color

Breitling’s logo colors have always been slightly subject to change. Though it mostly appears as a black logo on a white background, the company sometimes changes it to the yellow shade associated with the Breitling brand. Throughout the history of the logo, it has appeared to be either black, gold, silver, white, or yellow.

3. Font

Breitling originally used a looping, cursive font for their logo for many years before changing to their newer font. The script B font is still part of the anchor, wings, and B image on the logo. However, the rest of the logo now uses a classic Copperplate Gothic Font. This font still has roots in tradition, made in 1901, but it looks crisper and cleaner than the old script. Breitling have taken a similar, stoic route, just like Rolex.


The wings at the top of the Breitling logo bear many similarities to the wing badge used by the British Royal Air Force. This is an intentional decision to highlight the fact that Breitling was the official supplier for the RAF during World War II. The anchor part of the logo stands as a tribute to the iconic Breitling Navitimer watch. It featured a ruler to help naval pilots perform navigation calculations. Breitling chose a logo that intentionally draws attention to their aviation and naval background to create a brand reputation of quality and accuracy.


The Breitling logo appeared on a watch supposedly equipped with a Geiger counter in a James Bond movie. After disappearing from the set in 1965, the watch did not turn up until it was bought for £25 at a car boot sale. The buyer later sold it for £100,000. The anchor and wing logo showed up on the very first wristwatch chronograph, which was a combined stopwatch and timepiece, made by Gaston Breitling.


The anchor and wings on the Breitling logo call attention to the accuracy that made them popular among aviators, divers, and sailors. It also uses an older font and includes the founding date to appeal to lovers of history and tradition. This stylish logo is well suited to Breitling’s design ethos and manufacturing goals.

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